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Plantar fasciitis how to treat it? hmmm?

by on Thursday, 27 February 2014

How stupid am I? I went running and I was even out of breathe at the end of it but ended up instead getting plantar fasciitis what a nightmare... I didn't know what was happening to the arches of my feet at first they were really red, sore and aching so I looked online, came across this and I guess I am suffering by the looks of things by a plantar fasciitis which is when your feet get inflamed after over use of the plantar fascia basically when the plantar fascia just cannot take anymore!

So what am I planning to do about it? I want the fastest possible recovery but for that you basically go to not move or put any pressure on your foot what so ever.. erm okay... are there any other ways? Well the next method I found was to start wearing insoles designed for plantar fasciitis recovery I will also carry on wearing these insoles so that the plantar fasciitis does not recover. The way in which they work is by taking so of the strain off the plantar fascia through added arch supports.. Normally normal insoles are just flat and do not offer any protection or even comfort to the feet meaning if you are on your feet all day you can actually be increasing your chances of getting it if you do not give your feet a rest as the plantar fascia succumbs to more and more pressure and weight over a long time period and just like a bridge it will weaken and collapse under the pressure.

So hopefully if all goes to plan I should be back on my feet soon enough.. but what worries me as the fact that some people can suffer from this for many years but I dont know whether that because they go back to normal to soon and not when their pf has fully healed up well I think that would be the case... I dont know when the right time maybe to know when you are ready to get back on your feet again maybe I should see a doctor or something and ask if I am ready or not.

I do like runnign and just cannot wait to be back runnign again this time I will amke sure that I am running in the right pair of shoes and ones with arch support as well just so I dont end up with this stupid condition again!

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